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Clear Vision Laser Center  >  Femto Smile

Femto Smile

Operation of femto smile


Is a modern technique used in the treatment of myopia, which uses a femtosecond laser to separate a thin part

Of the cornea bark and then the doctor to extract this part through the corneal gout without need

To raise the layer of the peel of the cornea (fold) as in the cases of Lasik types.

2 – When is the fetus used?

Femto smile is used to treat myopia in the following cases

When the thickness of the cornea does not allow the process of LASIK or femtolizek
when the degree of myopia to be corrected is very high

When is femto smile better than femtolysis?


When the following conditions are met together in the patient’s eye, femto Smile is the safest option:

Corneal thickness is weak.
The degree of convex cornea is high.
High myopia degree.
The degree of astigmatism is low.
The patient does not need night driving.


Features of Femto Smile

One of the most important features of Femto Smile is that it does not have a flap on the surface of the cornea, so after the operation can be directly scrubs in the eye or diving or other was not operations from the foundation
and the other advantage that in the past many people did not fit them to correct the eyes because of weak cornea and came Femto Smile To solve this problem and now they can correct the sight
also of the most important features that correspond more with people who play violent games such as wrestling and others can be practiced playing the process of any time

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