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Femto Lasik

The Femto Lasik Process

Is a modern technique of LASIK techniques using the femtosecan laser in the separation of corneal layers instead of traditional mechanical methods, which leads to the following advantages:

The possibility of working LASIK in the cases of soft corneas, which can not work the normal LASIK.
The possibility of correcting the defects of Ibsar more.
Get a cornea with a better biomechanic specification.
Recovery speed after LASIK.
Avoiding the problems of older roads, which increases the safety of the process to an unprecedented degree of
vision quality after LASIK.

What is the process of correcting the Vimto Lasik?


As with all Lasik processes, the laser vision correction process is performed on the cornea to reshape it. Therefore, to correct the vision defects,
it is unique in this process that it relies on the laser completely
without the need to use the microcirator, a precise surgical scalpel used in LASIK correction.

3. What are the conditions treated by the femtosecond correction?

The femtosecond laser vision correction process is used in certain situations that traditional LASIK can not treat. These conditions are:

Severe myopia.
Cases that have a cornea with thin thickness

What are the stages of the Femto Lasik process?


The femtosecond process consists of two parts, each using a different laser device,


Femto laser device

The femtosec is used to lift a thin portion of the surface of the cornea, which is also called the flap.



LASIK is used to beam a laser at a specific part of the cornea to correct the vision


Tips after correcting the Femto Lasik?

To avoid any complications, the patient must follow the following instructions to maintain the eye:

Refrain from scratching the eye.
Staying away from any heat source may lead to eye dryness such as potage, oven, or any other heat source.
Your doctor may advise you to use corneal drops for a long time after the operation to avoid eye dryness

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