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LASIK Process


Is an operation performed to the eye to correct the vision and correct the defects of different eyes and modify the cornea of ​​the eye to get rid of wearing glasses or contact lenses,
which is one of the most common surgical operations at the present time and
uses a specialist doctor to carry out the process a precision tool called microcurrent


How to perform LASIK


LASIK is performed using laser beams to remove a thin layer of the surface of the cornea and then leave a small part of it to maintain contact with the eye and back it
is done by putting a local anesthetic solution to the eye so that the patient remains awake without pain
and then the doctor to remove the eyelids from some of them using a special tool for it and then placed a small loop absorbent around the cornea of the eye so Almikrukiratom device base is then by Almikrukiratom are separated by the surface layer of the cornea and
then raise the surface of the cornea , which has been separated and is bend up and ask a specialist doctor after the patient to look at the light of Sa P red intermittently
and during that the excimer laser to amend and correct the internal shape of the cornea that process and lasts two minutes at the most and
then are re – outer part of the cornea to its natural place and then left to dry completely and thus ending LASIK eye operation


Advantages of Lasik Process


LASIK is safe and it is one of the most successful corrective operations where it treats myopia, longitudinal
and astigmatism. The most important characteristic of this process is the lack of pain at all during the operation and it does not take much time
as the whole process may take only a quarter of an hour for each eye can be made LASIK process after the age of 18 safely

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