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White water is opaque in the eye lens and leads to poor vision

The patient may need to wear glasses but may not help to see better and usually start cataracts

In a part of the lens and then spread gradually to cause a weak vision or a sense of fog obscures the vision

In this case, surgical intervention is required to remove the dark lens and then implant another lens instead.

Causes of white water “cataracts”

Diabetes: White water usually occurs early in diabetics,
especially if the patient is middle-aged and has diabetes.
Many diabetics eventually need to have white water removal surgery.


The process of Cataract for diabetics

White water removal is usually the only way to improve vision in people with diabetes,
but diabetes must ideally be controlled before surgery to prevent sugary sprays in the retinal vision.

Diabetes does not affect the absolute in the steps of the process, as the process remains white water process easy and safe in the hands of skilled surgeon and takes about 5-10 minutes.


How is Cataract removal done?


In a method called phacoemulsification
during surgery, the surgeon cuts off very small pieces and uses high-speed ultrasound to break up the white water into very small pieces and then remove them.

After removal of the lens, the surgeon implants a translucent IOL lens instead of the IOL lens designed to perform most of the functions performed by natural lenses. It is made of special materials that are bioconcentric and do not need attention.
The lens replacement options in white water state in terms of material type and intensity
, Adhesive, and choose to improve the ability of the eye to focus light.

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